50+ Alcohol-Free Summer Adventures in the UK

Image describes a group of friends enjoying the summer atmosphere. They are sat around a firepit on the beach during sundown.

Make your summer one to remember – by actually remembering it!

Whether you’re temporarily off the booze or simply sober for good, we’ve got a massive list of adventures for you to make the most of the summer season. Nothing sums up the British summertime like a beer garden, but hell, it’s been done to death hasn’t it? Let’s go on a new adventure.

So gather your friends around and start ticking off our bumper list of alcohol-free summer activities.

Visit the UK coastline
There’s more to the British coastline than Blackpool and Brighton. Some of our golden dunes will make you ask ‘is this really the UK?’ You don’t need to go far to enjoy the sand and sea one this little island.

Spend an afternoon at an animal cafe
Beat an escape room with your besties
Organise a treasure hunt for you and your pals
Host the ultimate outdoor picnic

Image displays the sun rising over a field of beautiful blooming lavender.
Frolic in fields of 
Believe it or not, you don’t have to fly to France to experience the tranquil field of lavender at its peak season. Whether you go for the selfie potential, or to fill your pockets with potent blooms, this will be a highlight of your summer for sure.

Climb Mount Snowden
Try out a geo-caching challenge
Take a walk across the Peaks
Be a tourist in your hometown

Image displays the middle isle of a busy coach trip.
Take a mystery Mega-Bus trip
We first spotted this on Tiktok when an adventurous group asked a ticket officer to send them to a ‘cool UK city’. Blindfolded, they made their way to a coach and ended up in Nottingham! A blindfold might be a step too far for you, but a mystery mega bus trip could still be on the cards whatever your budget.

Try out foraging
Visit an outdoor cinema
Run a sunflower growing contest with your friends
Visit Hyde Park in the peak of summertime

Image displays an overhead shot of an inflatable obstacle course. The course features multiple inflated obstacles.

Release your inner child at an inflatable obstacle course
Popping up around the UK, these incredible inflated obstacle courses are a must try. Find you closest here:

Go on a ghost walk
Get the best selfie in the UK’s confetti fields
Take a break on a barge
Zoom down the world’s fastest zipline in Wales

Image displays the iconic Hogwarts Express steam train

Jump on the iconic Jacobite Steam Train
Francis Bourgeois eat your heart out. Summer is an excellent time to see the views from the iconic Jacobite stream train. A.K.A the Harry Potter Hogwarts Express.

Visit a crazy golf course
Make your own jam (bonus points if you used foraged goods)
Go glamping/camping
Attend a festival

Image displays a women crouching down on the floor to pick strawberries from a crop field.
Go strawberry picking
There are so many crop picking fields in the UK that are open to visitors. Bramble patches, orchards and beyond are only a stones throw away from most UK towns. They make an excellent day out for all ages.

Learn a new sport
Do a spot of gardening
Create your own slip n slide run
Pull an all-nighter with friends to watch the sun set and rise again

Anything we missed? Your summer is sure to be unforgettable this year. Get out there and make the most of it!