Barneys Originals are experts in leather. With a rich history that dates back to Manchester’s textile boom, the family company has been around for over 100 years.

We might be old, but we’re never old fashioned. We specialise in timeless, leather pieces that stand the test of time and transcend fashion fads. Our iconic leather jackets and accessories carry with them a reputation for excellence and rebellion.


Over the years we’ve expanded our range. What started as a family business providing rain coats for a grey and dreary Manchester has become an international gang of style lovers. Our leather jackets have found a home in over 1 million wardrobes worldwide. Sometimes we have to stop and pinch ourselves!

We like to say that a jacket is the last thing you put on but the first thing people notice. That’s why we specialise in versatile, fashionable outerwear. In recent years we’ve gone beyond this to explore the world of finishing touches and accessories.

In 2021, we launched our Work Well collection, which is a range of leather office accessories that help you do your best work wherever that may be.

Self Expression

The beauty of our leather jackets is that they create a perfect base for any stylistic backdrop. You can pair a leather jacket with just about any outfit; formal or casual, feminine or masculine, soft or rock. Through our range and our content, we aspire to inspire. We love to pull at the threads in people’s minds and influence them to be a little more rebellious in the way they dress. It’s never about trends for us. It’s about self expression and originality.


Style should never come before comfort and quality. As a member of the fashion community we understand that the best way we can combat fast fashion pitfalls is to create timeless products that truly last. Leather is of course a hardy material and beyond that we’re dedicated to the pursuit of finding vegan alternatives that offer the same durability. We choose soft yet strong skins to ensure you can show off your jacket straight away, with no awkward ‘wearing in process. Our leather is specially selected to age gracefully.


As you can imagine, since we’ve been in the rag trade for over 100 years we’ve seen the face of fashion change immensely. We strive to always be at the forefront of those changes. To do that, we treat every day like a school day.

We constantly keep our finger on the pulse of new technologies and ensure we meet the latest industry standards. We only ever work alongside audited factories and continually tweak our production output whenever we find new ways to make a positive impact on our supply chain.