Barney & Taylor

Encapsulates years of experience within the leather industry. As our premium label, the items which bare the name Barney & Taylor, will have a little special something to them; a handcrafted finish or richer, luxurious materials such as buffalo leather.

The Barney & Taylor story begins long ago, in 1911, with the birth of Barnett Rosemary – otherwise known are Barney. Born into the bustling Manchester garment trade, Barney learned every aspect of garment-making before applying his considerable knowledge to the family business M. Rosemarine LTD. As you can imagine in the rainy planes of Manchester coats were of a particular demand.

It wasn’t until the 1930s that Barney’s contribution to the family business expanded, bringing in a new era of design and manufacturing. It was then that the direction of the company began to shift towards leather jackets, with a mission to create excellent quality garments that were built to last. It is fair to say that some of those jackets made in the ‘30s and ‘40s will still be around today, passed down to third and fourth generation owners.

In 1937 Barney married Ella Taylor. That’s where the name comes from, it’s a way for the current owners Richard & Michael to honour their grandparents who dedicated their lives to long-lasting, stylish garments. It’s a vintage name that carries with it true prestige and embodies the rich history of Manchester’s garment trade.

In the 1950s Barney made another exciting move. With the acquisition of smaller companies such as Clydesdale Purchases, Shirtmakers, and Alwyn LTD; the company became a powerhouse within the UK’s fashion industry. Historically, M. Rosemarine catered to wholesale customers only, but in 1954 that all changed when Barney took on the world of retail; opening two different retail stores with the help of his sisters, Kitty & Betty.

Today you’ll find Barney & Taylor taking on the online fashion industry, which seems worlds away from its beginning. However, we still carry with us those same high standards for quality garments and long-lasting materials. When you purchase a Barney & Taylor piece, you’re becoming part of our history too.

Image displays a close up look at the Barney & Taylor branding on brown leather.
This image displays one of our best selling Barney & Taylor women's jackets. It is a real suede aviator that is black with a shearling collar.
Image displays a brown leather utility jacket by Barney & Taylor. It is hung on a hanger and has four pockets and a waist belt.