Team Barneys

In the Team Barneys category of our blog, you’ll see direct insider information from the people who make the brand. Our designers, marketers and directors will be contributing their expertise to all of the articles in this section.

We hope to pass on our insights and create a little space to discuss the fashion industry, trends and style.

This black and white photo displays a family stood together proudly. It is the family of behind the brand Barney & Taylor. There are 8 people in the frame stood at the bottom of a garden pathway.

Everything We’ve Learnt From 100 Years In The Leather Industry

Running a family business is something of a double-edged sword.There’s great pride in the heritage that has preceded you, and yet continuing that history can also feel at times like something of a burden too.The family never meant to get into the leather industry either, it just sort of happened.At the turn of the 20th Century, my great grandparents, on my mum’s side, had a factory manufacturing knitwear. With it being rainy Manchester eventually they began to make raincoats,...


Video Guide: How to Measure A Leather Jacket

We know it's not rocket science, but getting the right fit for your leather jacket is extremely important. Not only for style reasons, but to ensure you're comfortable.No two leather jackets are the same. Each different skin, shape and style creates a totally unique silhouette. For that reason, we don't use one standard size chart for all products. When shopping with Barneys Originals, you'll notice that every product has its own individual size chart which is measured by our...


COVID-19 Update – September 2020

September 2020 In order to protect our team, we're still working with a limited amount of staff in the office. You may experience delays in contacting us via phone. Please use our email contact form to reach our full team who are working from home.We aren't seeing too many delays in UK shipping - however, with regards to international shipping, if your item is flagged for inspection by customs and needs to be manually reviewed you may be waiting and...

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