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How to Style a Leather Blazer

Image displays a model mirrored to look af if there are two people in the photo. The model poses with her arm in the air. She is wearing a black leather blazer with army boots and an elegant slip dress.

Leather blazers are a true wardrobe assassin. This core piece of clothing instantly transforms for any occasion, seamlessly styling with formal and casual attire. Don’t believe us? Well, we’ll just keep waxing lyrically until you do.

The leather blazer is timeless. Throughout the years, it’s never really fallen out of vogue. That said, they’ve also never been as popular as they are today. How come? Well, there are a number of reasons why the leather blazer is so popular, but the most obvious one is the fact we’re trying to get more from our garments. From both an ecological and economical point of view, we’re all focusing on clothing that can be worn time after time. Gone are the days of buying something for one specific event, we’re now putting versatility at the forefront of all our shopping decisions.

So an item that can be worn at the office, on the high street, to family lunch, to the pub, on casual walks, on nights out and beyond – well, that’s really going to capture our hearts.

Enter stage – the leather blazer.

Image shows some inspiration on how to style your leather blazer to the office. The 4 outfits show pair the blazer with key office wear such as turtlenecks, crisp white shirts and smart wide-leg trousers.

Styling a Leather Blazer for the Office

When it comes to office wear, a leather blazer adds a much needed textural edge. For those who like to play it safe, a leather blazer may seem like a scary addition to your work wear wardrobe, however you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to style one for the office. Instead of throwing one over your regular office attire, let’s pull everything back and build from the basics.

First, we recommend sticking to the classics. A crisp white shirt or smart, cosy turtle neck goes perfectly under a leather blazer. Pair these with your favourite work skirt or trousers. From here you can begin to build layers – a quirky printed over shirt, dainty jewelry, a unique shoulder bag – depending on the dress code of your office. Sticking to the basics when you first get started helps you explore something new with the comfort of your other go-to staples.

Once you become comfortable with your blazers, you can start to explore new colours. We particularly love a brown or burgundy blazer for a touch of warmth.

Image shows 4 ways to style your leather blazer with casualwear. From left to right - (1) This outfit features a brown leather blazer over a white crop top and checkered shorts. The look is layered with gold jewelry. (2) This outfit pairs nylon cycling shorts with a crop top and black leather blazer. (3) This outfit shows a leather blazer layered up with knitwear. (4) This outfit pairs a leather blazer with a cosy black hoodie underneath.

Styling a Leather Blazer for Casual Affairs

This is where you can really start to have fun with your leather blazer. We’ve highlighted two routes you can take: baggy layers or cropped & sporty.

If you’re a fan of modestwear or simply like a little bit of slack to your outfit, baggy layers is the way to go. We recommend sizing up when you buy your blazer to ensure you have room to play around with chunky knitwear and hoodies. These casual essentials take on a whole new lease of life when paired with a leather blazer. What would be a forgettable, easy outfit suddenly becomes a chic look with the addition of a blazer over the top.

If you prefer to show a little skin, we’d recommend experimenting with crop tops and shorts. Whilst you may think this is a little too much skin to flash, the addition of a leather blazer offers a demure finish. Worn open, your leather blazer will offer subtle hints of the outfit below.

Banner image shows ways to style your leather blazer for formal outings. Each outfit pairs the blazer with lightweight slip dresses in varying lengths.

Styling a Leather Blazer for Formal Events

Late night cocktails, a wedding after party, award nights – we said it before, we’ll say it again – a leather blazer is your BFF. Throw on a slip dress and layer your leather on top. It’s a timeless, effortless, winning combo. This really is the blueprint for all your future formal events. To keep things on the side of formal, we’d recommend a monochromatic look. Either black and white or one colour in variable shades.

An underrated perk of taking a leather blazer to formal events lies in its functionality. Let’s be honest, the cute little handbags we take to outings might complement our look but they aren’t practical. With that in mind, the pockets you’ll find on a leather blazer can often be a God send when you run out of room in your clutch bag. I mean, where else are you supposed to fit your chapstick?

Image displays 4 outfits: Left to right - (1) This outfit is comprised of a cream mini dress and brown leather blazer, (2) This outfit features a black leather blazer with black leather pants and a grey bralette, (3) This outfit is monochromatic. The person wears black leather boots with a black leather blazer over a cream midi dress, (4) This outfit shows a woman wearing a blazer over her shoulders. Underneath there is a black t-shirt and black leather trousers.

Styling a Leather Blazer for a Night Out

During the colder months, a leather blazer can become your best-friend for nights when you’re queuing to get in the club. Now, we know you’re probably a VIP, but even just walking from the Uber to the front door is enough to freeze you solid some nights!

So grab your blazer and layer it over your outfit. In a similar way to the slip dress & blazer combo we mentioned above, the addition of a blazer to your night out attire balances the skin on how. With this in mind, you may feel more comfortable wearing a daring mini dress or bralette. When it comes to wearing a blazer on a night out, opt for a lightweight leather such as sheep nappa. This will help you ensure you’re cosy when needed, but not overheating once you’re indoors.

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