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Mastering The SLP Aesthetic

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From Harry Styles to Lenny Kravitz, icons of stage and screen have long been heroes of the ‘SLP’ look. But just what is, ‘SLP’?

SLP stands for ‘St Laurent Paris’ after the high-end fashion brand of the same name. Ironically however, SLP style is not about the monetary value or prestige of your clothing, rather the confidence and attitude that your outfit evokes. With its vintage rocker aesthetic, SLP clothing is effortlessly cool whilst also screaming, ‘life of the party’. Imagine looking suave and sophisticated but also like you could whip out an electric guitar and melt a few faces at any moment – that’s SLP.

Whilst often being linked with rock stars and A-listers, SLP can actually be very accessible for the average Joe like you and me. This quick guide will provide all the knowledge you need to nail this iconic look.

Size and Shape.

Historically, SLP has always been associated with tall, skinny men. Think Russell Brand or Rami Malek. This is because the long and narrow lines of their bodies are accentuated by the slim fit of their clothing. And whilst the style does look great on this kind of man, that doesn’t mean that it is limited to only them. Shorter guys with broad shoulders like Kanye have also rocked SLP in their own way. The key, as to most fashion aesthetics, is confidence.


OK, ready yourself. I’m about to mention the two most offensive words in today’s society according to our Gen Z counterparts. Skinny. Jeans. Yep, that’s right but hear me out; distressed black/grey skinnies are synonymous with rock ‘n’ roll and if worn in the correct outfit, they still hit hard. Don’t @ me.

That being said, if you’re of the belief that skinny jeans should be categorically left in 2010s, there are still plenty of wider fits available for you that still fit the look. Chinos and leather trousers are also acceptable.


The vintage-look, graphic print, button-up shirts of the 1970s are very ‘in’ right now and they go great with the SLP look. Make sure to leave two or three buttons on the shirt undone, for that ultra-chilled out vibe. If that’s not your style though, you can never go wrong with a plain white shirt.


Chelsea boots are another item that have taken a beating from the Gen Z crowd as of late. Don’t listen to them. A tan/black Chelsea boot with a good heel not only adds height to your outfit (helping you achieve the ‘tall skinny’ look) it provides heaps of style, especially when combined with skinny jeans.

Dress shoes or brogues also work really well, as they keep the outfit looking slick and slim. Some people argue that high-top trainers go with this look. They’re lying, this is a strictly trainer-free zone.


SLP might be easy to pull off, but it is by no means minimalist. Accessories that work great with this look include bow hats, silver necklaces and leather belts.

Leather Jacket

The leather jacket is the pièce de resistance of your outfit and also the most critical aspect to get right. This will be the last thing that you put on and the first thing that people notice. Oversized jackets work great and the more trimmings the better to give you more of a rock star edge. Alternatively, a classic asymmetric biker is as timeless as it stylish and it works brilliantly in this look. A plain black suede trucker also works for an understated yet suave version of SLP style.

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