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Netflix Style-Spo: Become the Main Character

Image shows two women having a pamper night whilst watching netflix on a laptop.

Some people watch Netflix for the gripping drama, the laughs and the incredible storytelling: Us? Well, we like to judge the outfits in between all of that.

Call us obsessed, but there’s nothing better than picking apart the nuances of a character’s outfit. Styling for cinema really is an art form, so naturally we’ve decided to butcher it for a quick little blog post. Ugh, what are we like?

Which are the most stylish shows on Netflix?

Image displays some outfits that were worn in the Netflix series 'Stranger Things', they are predominantly steeped in 80's trending items to match the timeframe.

Stranger Things

This series proves one thing – the 80’s will never die! There’s something so nostalgic about denim and neon that each passing generation simply won’t let go of. If we’re being completely bias, season 4 is probably the best one to watch for fashion spotting. The Goonies-esque vibe and colourful fits made us want to go back to the simple mall-rat days. With this series being based on young adults, you really get to grips with the popular fashion of the day. Geometric prints, double denim and high ponytails. Maybe we were born in the wrong generation?

Image displays some of the outfits featured in the TV series Killing Eve

Killing Eve

Ok, ok, it’s a BBC3 original series BUT most of our international friends will have caught up via Netflix. Killing Eve is a thriller with an edge of dark humor, but not only that – it’s practically a runway event. The on-set wardrobe was so iconic, that following the success of the series the team hosted pop-events for people to show it off! The wardrobe perfectly matches the tone of the scenes and because the main villain takes on many fake personas, the styling team have ensured there’s a real mix of trends and looks.

Image display outfits that are featured in the Netflix series Umbrella Academy.

Umbrella Academy

You can always rely on a series with comic book origins to have wildly dressed characters. Umbrella Academy is no exception. Each eccentric character is perfectly styled to highlight their personality and growth throughout the series. We are, of course, particular fans of the many leather jackets featured within the series. It’s hard to pin which character is the best dressed in each season, but there’s definitely something for everyone. From the shabby-chic wardrobe of Klaus, to the dramatic, gothic looks of The Conductor; the outfits featured in The Umbrella Academy are sure to help you unleash your inner main character.

Image displays a samples of the outfits worn in the Netflilx series Inventing Anna.

Inventing Anna

Inventing Anna is a dramatisation/documentary about a fraudster who infiltrates NYC’s top social scene. So, naturally, if you’re going to sneak into a high-powered social scene you’re going to need to look the part. This series embodies the mantra ‘fake it til you make it’, in perhaps too much of a literal way.

Look, we don’t want to glorify a criminal… but, you have to admit some of her fits were sharp. There’s something extra villainous about someone who breaks the rules whilst looking their best. It’s almost cruella-esque, but that would probably be overselling it.

Image displays 5 outfits from the Netflix series Emily in Paris.

Emily in Paris

You’re either going to love this series or hate it. It feels like a cheap chick-lit book and, to be honest, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes that’s all you need at the end of a busy week, isn’t it? Emily in Paris centers around a young woman named Emily (shock,) who takes on a marketing role at a French agency to offer an ‘American point of view’.

The fashion featured in Emily in Paris is also pretty Marmite. Clashing prints and niche references; it wants to be the early days of Sex in The City but it just isn’t… yet. God loves a trier though! The outfits will have you wondering how much this entry level marketing position pays, but if you zone out to the specifics and enjoy the surface level drama, you’re sure to love the fashion spotting in this one.

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