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Men’s Real Leather

Leather holds a special place in the world of fashion. Its innate ability to age gracefully, developing a unique patina and character over time, sets it apart from synthetic alternatives. We embrace leather not only for its lasting durability but also for its timeless charm that withstands ever-changing trends. It’s a material that tells a story, reflecting the wearer’s journey and becoming a cherished part of their personal style.

Leather goods make perfect sense for the future of fashion. In an age where disposable and fast fashion dominates, investing in quality and enduring pieces becomes increasingly important. Leather products are designed to withstand the test of time, providing longevity and a reduced environmental impact compared to their synthetic counterparts. By choosing leather, you are not only making a style statement but also making a conscious choice towards a more sustainable and responsible fashion industry. In an effort to minimise waste and create a mindful range, we work closely with LWG tanneries to source leather which is a by-product of the food industry. This means we can create beautiful lasting leather garments from material that would otherwise have ended up in landfill.

But our dedication to sustainability goes beyond just materials. Our newest collection of leather jackets is crafted with vegetable tanned leather (Signified in product details). Vegetable tanning is a traditional and eco-friendly method that uses natural tannins derived from tree bark and veg pulp. A slow method which is kinder on the environment, each vegetable tanned leather jacket is also chrome-free.
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