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Take a close look at the Barneys Originals menswear collection. A selection of wardrobe essentials made from real leather and suede. Versatile and timeless, we create styles that not only offer unparalleled quality but each design has been selected for its ability to transcend current fashion fads. We made staple items and we make them well. Those key pieces that you simply can’t wait to wear.

Our collection features leather from sheep, cow, goat and buffalo. We source our skins as a by-product, which means we can do our bit to ensure less natural waste ends up in landfill. Instead, we can create something with lasting appeal that can be worth year after year, season after season.

While leather and suede are renowned for their durability, they do require a little TLC to ensure their lasting quality. Proper care and maintenance are essential to preserve the natural beauty of these materials. Simple steps like storing them in a cool and dry place, avoiding direct sunlight, and using specialised cleaning products can go a long way in keeping your garments in optimal condition. With a little love and attention, your leather and suede pieces will continue to age gracefully, becoming cherished items that stand the test of time.
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