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Spring Styling tips from Barneys Originals

Image displays a female model wearing a tan leather trucker jacket and cream leather trousers, against a lush green background.

The Barneys Originals office is full of the joys of Spring – yes, even in dreary grey Manchester.

For us, spring means new beginnings, renewal and a chance to start afresh. Cliche as it may sound, this has never been more appropriate for the in-house team. As we shift from a wholesale perspective to a direct to customer focus, everything has changed for us. More creative license, freedom to experiment and a total re-evaluation of our standards.

And while a leather jacket may not be the first thing you envision for the British springtime, it most certainly is a fantastic option for seasonal styling. Let’s be honest, it’s only ever ‘light jacket weather’ for a few weeks of the year. That’s why carrying something lightweight and sturdy is the best option for those deceivingly sunny-yet-cold spring afternoons.

Styling Leather for Spring 2023

Spring is the perfect time to break out of your comfort zone and try something new with your style. One of the most exciting pieces you can add to your wardrobe this season is a leather jacket. Whether you opt for a classic black biker jacket or go for something more daring like a colorful suede look, leather jackets are sure to make a statement. Plus, they are incredibly versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. So if you’re looking to make an impact with your fashion choices this spring, investing in a leather jacket is definitely worth considering!

The first leather must-have that will ‘spring’ to mind for this season is the washed biker jacket. Worn, relaxed, rugged. The oversized washed leather biker is essentially the antithesis to typical ditsy floral spring trends. It evokes a rebellious streak, something unexpected. Surely you’ll have seen plenty of versions of the washed leather biker already – particularly this one worn by Molly Mae. As beautiful as this jacket is, we’re always going to look towards real leather than its plastic counterpart.

Enter scene, our Margot leather biker. This washed oversized biker jacket is a real all-season powerhouse. Particularly in-demand with the Spring 2023 washed biker trend, this real leather version offers a longer-lasting, durable, timeless appeal that faux leather simply cannot match.

Image displays a close up cropped shot of a washed leather biker jacket with buckle detailing.

Styling Suede for Spring 2023

When it comes to menswear in Spring 2023, we’re looking towards classic suede styles such as our goat suede bomber jackets. Goat suede is particularly beloved for it’s ability to offer a rich, consistent dye concentration. That means that any suede garment will offer an intense burst of colour that ages with grace, when handled with care.

Our team are currently looking at expanding our suede offerings as they’ve been extremely popular. So whilst we have you, here’s a quick sneak peak of some men’s suede jackets that we currently have in development.

Image shows a close up section of a tan biker jacket from Barneys Originals that is still in the development stages.

You’ll notice that, this year, chocolate and khaki are key colours. Earthy and versatile, these rich colourways lend themselves well to spring. Much like the washed leather biker jacket for women – neutral tones provide a muted colour palette that avoids the obvious gaudy vibrancy of typical spring attire. Say goodbye to obnoxious Hawaiian prints and neon boat shorts – although, we hope – since you’re hear at Barneys Originals – that probably was never your taste in outfits anyway!

But it’s not just menswear with suede on the agenda. Womenswear forecasts are highlighting suede skirts and jackets as key pieces from the British spring/summer season. However, the colour palette looks a little different for the girls!

Tan is of course an ever popular S/S staple, but even more so when it comes to womenswear. Transitioning through the seasons, this chameleon of colour can do it all, but it particularly comes into its own during the warmer months. As the sun shines down, tan suede and leather offers a warming, playful colour for any outfit and occasion. Dressed up or down for both casual and formal affairs, tan is certainly a colour we’d recommend investing in for your spring wardrobe.

Image displays a range of suede jackets and skirts from Barneys Originals in seasonal colours for Spring Summer 2023.

Of course, when it comes to caring for suede – spring is a little more forgiving on this material. Thought we do have some extra tips up our sleeve.

  • Avoid long periods of intense sun exposure – 5 hours in a beer garden will likely leave you with sun bleaching on any leather or suede item!
  • Avoid contact with the rain – Those unexpected April showers might damage the texture of your skins overtime so we advise avoiding moisture whenever possible.
  • Hang when not in use – While leather is super durable, suede can easily crease. We advise hanging any leather or suede jacket in a room temperature, well ventilated area when not in use to avoid deep wrinkles, creases and textural anomalies.

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