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Style File: Dua Lipa

Image displays 5 dramatically different outfits, worn by Dua Lipa over the years. From left to right: (1) A Double denim moment with a high ponytail, (2) A preppy everyday look with a tshirt and mini skirt, (3) a dramatic red carpet look with an oversized blazer and suit trouser combo open to expose a navy bra underneath, (4) a couture red carpet event look with slick backs hair and leg split dress, (5) a dramatic change, blonde hair and a shiny pink mini dress.

Pop Queen contender Dua Lipa has arguably had the best style evolution we’ve ever seen. As she’s journeyed into stardom, her personal style has transformed too. Never one to blend in, Dua (a.k.a Dula Peep), has gone from edgy teen rebel to true pop-fantasy. As much as we love her catchy lyrics and on-stage shimmies, her head-turning looks and affinity for leather jackets makes her a firm favourite in the Barneys Originals office.

So, come with us, as we take a trip through the Dua Lipa style file.

Banner displays 5 images of Dua Lipa around the time of 2015. Her outfits are noticably more rebellious and head turning to position herself as an outlier in her field.

Fresh on the scene

When Dua Lipa first graced our screens, she was uploading cover tracks to Soundcloud and Youtube. It’s hard to imagine a time where she wasn’t a household name, but it wasn’t until 2014 that Dua Lipa was officially signed to a label. It would then be another three years until her debut album ‘New Rules’ would be released. During this time, she very much had her own unique style. We’d describe it as your typical teen on the rise – an ‘it’ girl in training, if you would.

2017 breakout

Like many fresh faced stars, Dua Lipa was heavily styled during her debut. Gone were the days of rugged, attention grabbing looks – now we move onto a version of Dua that was slightly more demure. Outfits were more curated, owed to the fact that Dua was thrust further and further into the spotlight. One false sartorial move during a starlet’s rise could unknowingly cause more trouble than it would be worth. Hence a patch of time that we’d say was playful but definitely aired on the safe side. Red carpet events, award ceremonies (The Brits) and a whole press tour to celebrate her debut; Dua had a full calendar and needed to look the part!

2019 the route to world domination

Connecting with stars such as Megan The Stallion and attending events such as The Met Gala, Dua Lipa proved that she was was primed for the big time. She had made her way to the top!

With this new found peak of stardom, Dua – like many celebrities – needed to keep up with the constant current of trends. Bold outfits, rich textures and multiple hair makeovers; anything to stop the masses from getting bored. Most of all, Dua looked like she was having fun. There’s a hidden element of her edgy early days hidden underneath every ensemble. She had clearly learned the rules and how to break them.

Dua Lipa outfits from 2022. From left to right: A luminous yellow jumpsuit, a dramatic strappy red carpet look, a revealing on-stage jump suit and a sleek black awards ceremony look.

Today’s Dua essentials

In 2022, you’re most likely to see Dua Lipa in a sleek maxi dress or jumpsuit. She seems to shun the revealing looks of her peers, opting for more coverage. Simple hair looks offer versatility and the ability to switch effortlessly between black and blonde hair. Solidifying her spot in the charts, Dua ensures her wardrobe matches her high energy music.

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