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Like all self-respecting members of society, we here at Barneys are also unapologetically obsessed Pedro Pascal stans. From the moment he graces our screens, our hearts skip a beat and our fashion senses go into overdrive. Pedro’s on-screen outfits are a divine manifestation of style and charisma, leaving us in a perpetual state of awe. We’ve dissected every detail, swooned over every ensemble, and celebrated his signature looks with unbridled admiration. So gather round, fellow Pedro enthusiasts, as we embark on a journey through the mesmerising world of Pedro Pascal’s on-screen fashion triumphs.

Space Warrior Chic -The Mandalorian:

Let’s begin our fashion adventure in a galaxy far, far away. Pedro Pascal’s portrayal of the masked bounty hunter in “The Mandalorian” captured our hearts – how you can display such emotion without being able to see his face is a testament to the quality of his acting. Clad in a suit of Mandalorian Beskar armour, his ensemble reflects the perfect blend of practicality and futuristic allure, with the iconic helmet becoming an instantly recognisable symbol. The combination of armour, cape, and helmet showcases a true hero in every sense, leaving us in awe of his galactic style.

The Post-Apocalyptic Survivor – The Last of Us:

Pedro Pascal’s latest role in “The Last of Us” adaptation had fans buzzing with anticipation. As he took on the character of Joel Miller, a hardened survivor in a desolate world, his outfit captured the essence of a post-apocalyptic wanderer. After Joel’s arrival at his brother Tommy’s village, he adopted an iconic look more suitable to the cold, snowy conditions that instantly became synonymous with the character. Joel’s rugged attire includes a weathered brown leather jacket, a plaid shirt, and worn jeans, reflecting both his practicality and his rugged charm. This combination perfectly showcases Pascal’s ability to embody the grit and determination of a man navigating a ravaged landscape. With the addition of the brown leather jacket, Joel’s outfit exudes a timeless style that is both functional and effortlessly cool. Interestingly, the jacket was custom made to resemble the same one Joel wears in the video game version. Talk about attention to detail.


The Intrepid DEA Agent – Narcos:

In the critically acclaimed series “Narcos,” Pedro portrays the captivating DEA Agent Javier Peña. With his rugged and stylish ensemble, Peña exudes a distinct aura of authority and determination. Sporting cotton shirts in various earthy tones, paired with dark denim jeans, Pascal’s portrayal of Peña captures the essence of a relentless agent in pursuit of justice. And let’s not forget his signature dark brown leather jacket, which adds an extra layer of coolness to his outfit. Peña’s fashion sense perfectly complements his no-nonsense attitude and leaves a lasting impression on fans of the series.


Westerosi Glamour – Game of Thrones:

Who could forget Pedro Pascal’s unforgettable stint as Oberyn Martell, the passionate and flamboyant Prince of Dorne, in “Game of Thrones”? Known for his audacious personality and fearless style, Oberyn’s outfits showcased vibrant colours, intricate patterns, and flowing robes. Pascal’s portrayal breathed life into this enigmatic character, and his fashion choices became an extension of Oberyn’s magnetic charisma. From the richly embroidered garments to the ornate accessories, his outfits were a visual delight. It’s just a shame we had to say goodbye to Oberyn in such grizzly fashion.

The Suave Spy – “Kingsman: The Golden Circle”:

In the exhilarating spy flick “Kingsman: The Golden Circle,” Pedro Pascal brings an infectious charm to his role as Agent Whiskey. With tailored suits that exude sophistication, he elevates the classic spy aesthetic to new heights. Impeccable cuts, refined patterns, and attention to detail define his character’s wardrobe, making Agent Whiskey a true style icon. Pascal’s suave demeanour and sartorial choices are a testament to his ability to effortlessly exude elegance. A man of our hearts, when Agent Whiskey’s mission brings him to Glastonbury festival, he even dons an incredibly stylish leather trucker jacket. 


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