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Summer Styling: Picnic in the Park

Image shows a woman lay on a picnic blanket in the sun. She is wearing a floral strappy top and a silver leather mini skirt.

Those British summer days are few and far between, so let’s grab the fleeting opportunity with both hands. It’s time for a picnic in the park!

We don’t get much sun in the UK, but boy do we know how to have a good time when the weatherman sends a heatwave our way. Alas, hot weather usually creeps upon us unexpectedly and without warning. Sometimes that leaves us in a bit of a pickle – and I’m not just talking about the cheese and pickle sarnies you’ll be scranning!

What on earth do you wear to a summertime picnic?

We’re all about essentials – so let’s rummage through our staple items and all-season heroes to find transitional clothes that work for the unpredictable summertime. We’re talking hardy leather, soft suede, earthy tones and lightweight layers. With a little mix & match, you’ll find the perfect outfit for a picnic in the park in no time.

Image shows a moodboard consisting of 3 inspo pictures: from left to right you will see a close up detail shot of a man wearing a tan suede bomber jacket and sunglasses, next there are two images of a woman wearing a tan suede mini skirt whilst picking wildflowers in the summer sun.

Evoke the 70’s

Nothing says summer like a dose of nostalgia. When we think back to summer – many of us will be transported to the 70’s. A carefree time of hippy fashion and the birth of modern music festivals. Boundaries were pushed in the 70’s. You can see this in the way menswear became slightly more effeminate, with bold patterns and brighter colours. In terms of womenswear, the mini skirt movement was still going strong from Twiggy’s influence in the 60’s. Those skirts just kept getting shorter overtime!

We’d suggest grabbing some super soft tan suede for your next picnic in the park. It’s a beautiful warm colour that perfectly transitions all year round. The Barneys Originals tan suede mini skirt and tan suede bomber jacket are the perfect options to nail this look.

Image collage left to right - A woman holding a bag of flowers wearing a tan leather jacket, an image of a man wearing a brown leather jacket whilst wearing a book on a checkered picnic blanket, an image of legs on a picnic blanket.

Don’t forget your layers

Underestimating the elements in the UK often leads to failure.  Listen, we love to be optimistic – but let’s get real! The weather can change on a dime in the UK. It’s too hot, then it’s too cold. A light breeze becomes a gale-force wind. It’s sunny and then there’s a lovely little unexpected shower.

With that in mind, we have to look at layering. Now, if you’re off to a picnic in the park, we’ve suggest something lightweight yet hardy. A classic denim or leather jacket are great options. These hard wearing materials are easy to clean if you come into contact with the elements – or have a particularly fast-melting ice cream.

Now, we’d be committing a cardinal sin if we didn’t warn you of two things – (1) grass stains will ruin your denim jacket if you sit on it and (2) moisture may seep into your leather if you use it as a picnic blanket. So in short – your layers are for you. Don’t be tempted to lash them on the floor as a blanket or pillow.

Slip on/Slip off

When styling your picnic outfit, opt for shoes that easily slip on and off. Espadrilles, Crocs and sandals are all great options. The very best picnic spots require a little off road exploration so consider choosing something that can withstand a little adventure.

Pack in style

You weren’t planning on turning up empty handed right? You might not be a culinary expert, but a few tinnies and a big bag of crisps will do. That said, whilst we love upcycling a classic big shop bag, we’d rather turn up with a bag that matches our style. A hardy leather backpack makes a great choice for carrying your picnic treats and if that isn’t big enough we’d recommend a sturdy leather hold all.

If you’re carrying anything particularly potent – e.g strong smelling goods – we would suggesting option for a tote bag instead as leather will very easily pick up smells.

Wear it your way

Remember, your comfort is key and ultimately you want your own personal style to shine through. Whatever you wear to your next picnic outing, as long as you feel good you’re certainly going to look good. It may sound cliche but it’s true. The power of a good outfit lies solely in your attitude.

So get out there any make summer count… and hey, don’t forget to take your Barneys jacket with you!

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