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The Ultimate Leather Gift Guide 2020

Image displays Christmas shopping bags full of gifts wrapped in tissue paper.

Forgive us for dropping the ‘C’ word so soon, but this year has been such a whirlwind that the festive season will soon be upon us without even realising.

Have you started prepping for Christmas yet?

It’s been a weird year and we don’t really know what Christmas 2020 will look like, but the small joy of exchanging gifts with family offers a sense of normality; even if we’re celebrating via zoom or singing carols from the end of the drive!

Since we’ve been in the leather industry for over 100 years (yes, really) we thought we’d share our insights into leather gifting. After all, your leather garment is for life, not just for Christmas. A timeless treat that looks great year after year, there are a few tips we’ve learned over the years to ensure your giftee receives the perfect item that lasts long into the new year and beyond.

Flat lay shot of unworn real leather gloves with grey faux fur trim on a coffee table, next to a latte and card holder.Stocking fillers: Leather Gloves

Let’s start with leather gloves, a simple and thoughtful gift for anyone. They’re a chic but functional gift that anyone will use. After all, what type of person can leave the house in the UK without a pair of gloves? It’s far too cold for that!

The question is, would the person you’re shopping for prefer suede, leather or a little bit of faux fur? If you’re shopping for someone with quite a muted wardrobe, we’d suggest sticking to the classics; black, brown, navy colours that pair well with just about any outfit. That way you can be sure they’ll get the maximum use from your gift.

For your younger or more fashion-conscious giftees, try choosing a style they won’t already have. Embellished with studs or faux fur is one option, but colourful leather gloves are also an excellent statement piece for the colder months. Our red and green real leather gloves are an excellent finishing touch to any outfit.

For the work hard/play hard gang: Real Leather holdall

Know someone who loves the gym? Our real leather holdall bag could be for them.

The beauty of a leather holdall is that it’s definitely the right material for keeping the smell of sweaty gym socks at bay. Sorry to be graphic but we like to tell it how it is. A cheap nylon bag simply doesn’t offer the same benefit.

Our inner optimist also wants to shout about how these bags are the perfect staycation companion for travelers who don’t want the hassle of a bulky suitcase. However, we know travel might not be on the agenda for some! Still, if you know someone who is traveling for important business, a real leather holdall could be a great way to show you’re thinking of them at Christmas; a useful gift that lets them travel in style.

Leather scented purfumes handpicked by the team at Barneys Originals.

Out the box: Leather scented perfume

This one seems bizarre, but hear us out! There are plenty of gorgeous fragrances on the market with the smokey undertone of leather. It’s subtle, but rich. The fragrance of leather adds a distinct twist to any perfume and has been used for centuries in some of your favourite fragrances. Tom Ford Tuscan Leather, Paco Roban 1 Million and Elie Saab Cuir are a few of our top recommendations.

If the person you’re shopping for is well known for their edgy leather looks, this could be the perfect finishing touch for their vibe.

Image displays a rainbow display of coloured leather jackets starting with red, brown, yellow, forest green, blue and burgundy. The coloured leather jackets are from Barneys Originals.For the fashionistas: A coloured leather jacket

Know someone who loves to strut their stuff? Gift them something that really shows their true colours.

Colourful outerwear is an excellent way to wake up your wardrobe without completely changing your look. Perfect for all seasons, a coloured leather jacket is a bright key piece that would suit anyone. The trick here is to think of a meaningful colour. Perhaps their favourite colour is blue, or you’d like to get a jacket that matches the colour of their car – whatever your reasoning, you can really have some fun with this one.

For the creatives: Paint pens

This may seem like a wild card, but believe us this is a fun one. Have you ever seen those beautiful custom leather jackets with artwork on them? Did you know that you can make them yourself? Well, if you have the creativity and patience that is!

We’ve secretly been working on an art range for Barneys and whilst it’s too soon to tell you more about that, we can tell you which supplies are the best to work with on leather.

If you have a crafty & creative person to buy for this Christmas, this is the perfect gift. Whether you create a full kit with a leather jacket and paint, or simply just order the paints for them to upcycle a jacket of their choice, they’ll love the freedom of creativity and the opportunity to create something truly their own.

We recommend Angelus for painting on leather. Prep your jacket with alcohol to pull away any dirt or left over chemicals, paint your design and then seal the deal with an acrylic finisher. It couldn’t be more simple. Our friends at Angelus even sell a kit with everything you need to get started – and no we’ve not been paid to recommend them, we just love their stuff!

A thoughtful token: A real leather wallet

You can’t go wrong with a real leather wallet can you? Functional and stylish, this gift is sure to please. Sometimes it can be hard to shop for particular giftees; coworkers, distant relatives, friends you don’t know intimately yet. That’s why finding a practical but thoughtful token is the right approach. We might not be able to say ‘let’s meet for a drink over Christmas’ but we can pass over a little gift that shows you’re thinking of them at this time of year.


Have you discovered the perfect gift in our gift guide? Have we missed something you’ll like to add? Enter a comment below and let us know your thoughts.

Wishing you all the best for the festive season – good luck!