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Style File: Michelle Keegan

Image displays a collage of outfits worn by British actress Michelle Keegan

From the streets of Weatherfield to the red carpet, Michelle Keegan’s style has evolved right before our eyes. Ever since her debut on our TV screens in 2007, the Stockport-born actress has undergone a style evolution like no other. Bringing a ‘girl-next-door’ energy to the glamourous world of film and TV – Michelle Keegan has a down-to-earth appeal that channels through her everyday wardrobe.

When Michelle Keegan first appeared on our tellies as Tina on Coronation Street, the British public was immediately hooked. But how does someone who is so recognised as a character separate themselves from their on-screen persona?

A look back at Michelle’s on-screen wardrobe is like looking through a portal back to the early 2000s. Hoop earrings, cropped jackets and even a bump-it hair quiff make an appearance at one point! Whilst ‘Tina’ had what some would call a ‘chavvy’ look, Michelle couldn’t be further away in comparison. 

Off-screen, Michelle opts for a blend of comfy casuals and polished glam.  

A side by side comparison of Michelle Keegan against her on-screen persona Tina McIntyre.

Becoming synonymous with a character can be both a blessing and a curse for an actress. However, in Michelle’s case, she has been able to show the public who she is in her own right via her sense of style.

By carefully curating their wardrobe choices, actors/actresses can shape public perception and create a separation between themselves and the characters they play. This not only reinforces their versatility as performers but also allows them to maintain a sense of privacy and authenticity in their personal lives.

We’ve spoken on many occasions about how fashion is a tool of self-expression. Over the years, it appears that Michelle Keegan has used this ethos to navigate the line between fiction and reality.

Image shows a collage of outfits worn by Michelle Keegan.

Interestingly enough, Michelle Keegan has even collaborated with UK high-street giants to bring her own personal style essentials to the masses. Our friends at Very have previously worked with Michelle Keegan on a range that encompasses wardrobe staples and accessible fashion. Condensing years of styling evolution into capsule collections is no mean feat for any celebrity but, Michelle Keegan’s ranges usually focus on casual daily attire, staple leather jackets and a few glam key pieces for special occasions.

Though it really is no surprise, Michelle Keegan has become a fashion muse to many. What makes Michelle shine is her ability to retain her ‘It Girl’ status year after year. Her style never falls stale. On screen and off screen, she’s always willing to try trends and experiment with her own personal touches. And, after all, isn’t that really what fashion is all about? Having fun and doing things your own way? We hate to sound cliché, but that really hits the nail on the head doesn’t it. There’s no secret sauce for Michelle Keegan, just a genuine interest in fashion and the confidence to give it a whirl.

Michelle Keegan, we salute you! Style file – case closed!

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