10 Outfits We Need to See in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie

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Barbie’s impact on fashion is undeniable. Her fashionista CV is almost endless; setting trends, promoting inclusivity and encouraging creativity – Barbie has played a significant role in shaping the fashion landscape throughout the years, both as a toy and as a cultural icon. I mean, who else can say they’ve been the muse of Oscar de la Renta, Christian Dior, Versace and almost every child under 10 for decades?

As soon as we heard about Greta Gerwig, Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling getting together for a live-action Barbie film, we’ve been dreaming of the outfit possibilities. Who can blame us? Barbie’s wardrobe is the stuff dreams were made of. So join us as we raid Barbie’s closet…

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Barbie Harley-Davidson Dolls (1998-2003): In collaboration with Harley-Davidson, Barbie dolls were released wearing leather jackets inspired by the iconic motorcycle brand. What we love about these dolls is that despite their age – each look is truly timeless. These dolls featured different variations of leather jackets, reflecting the rugged and adventurous spirit associated with motorcycle culture. They’re as cool today as they were back then.

Obviously, it’s us, so we had to start this list with a leather jacket (or two, or three…) These classic Harley X Barbie dolls are iconic! Can you imagine a scene with an actual Barbie biker gang?


Source: BarbiesGuide

Tell us why the Barbie Country Estrela (1993) doll looks like she’s ready for a UK music festival? We fell head over heels as soon as we saw this western-inspired get-up. Originally designed for the Brazillian market, this classic doll comes with a tassel jacket, cowboy hat and little blue plastic cowboy boots. It would be criminal if we didn’t get a live-action version of this outfit. It’s the finer details that make this outfit amazing, much like fashion today. We’re all looking for a little something special and dare we say – this outfit has that special something.


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A little suede trucker moment? Excuse us, but this Fashion Fever Barbie Doll slays the 70’s style! It’s giving early 2000’s meets That 70’s show and that’s why we had to add it to the list. Let’s be honest, Greta Gerwig could close her eyes and point to a random ‘Fashion Fever’ doll and it would be a truly winning outfit. The whole collection inspired early 2000’s girls to see the joy in their wardrobe. To mix and match regardless of fleeting trends. We’re here for it! What we love the most about this is the combination of denim and suede, finished with a leather belt. It’s textural overload but it works.


Source: BarbiesGuide

No, it’s not Amy Winehouse, it’s the 2009 Hard Rock Cafe Barbie Doll. Edgy yet classic, this Barbie doll featured tattoos! I’m sure the original Barbie team from the late 1950’s would never have seen a doll like this coming. That’s why it absolutely needs to be on this list. Barbie, of course, has always been on the forefront of fashion, but it’s looks like this that show just how far she’s come. Complete with heels and fishnets, this adventurous doll couldn’t be further from the initial iterations of Barbie.

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Let’s hope there aren’t any strong winds forecast on set! This iconic Barbie Hair Fair doll sparks memories – not always so fond – of losing all the small bits that came with your precious Barbie doll. God forbid they ended up flying up the hoover! Of course, we can talk about Barbie’s wardrobe, but lest we forget that every outfit needs a matching hair-do.

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Oh look, another leather biker jacket. How on earth did that get in here? This 2001 Ferrari Barbie doll is a striking red fashionista. If there’s anything Barbie has taught us over the years, it’s to never avoid a bold look. And yes – this co-ord vibrant read biker look is certainly bold! Paired with the red lipstick, this suave look is one to remember and we’d love to see it in the lie action film!

Judging by the trailer, we’re most likely going to see outfits like this classic 80’s inspired Barbie and the Beat. Complete with a neon-coloured guitar, this Barbie just got back from band practice but that doesn’t mean she didn’t dress to impress. Clashing prints and vibrant colours are exactly what we had in mind for the Barbie film. There’s something so nostalgic about outfits like this – even if you weren’t around to experience the original trend.

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Disney Adults, look away. This classic 1997 Disney Fun doll isn’t inspired by the iconic Disney Princesses – no – it’s more likely how you’d dress to one of the many worldwide Disney parks. How long do you think it would take for me to annoy the Barneys Originals buying team to make me a Mickey sleeve leather jacket like this?

Source: BarbiesGuide

1992, what a throwback! The Rappin’ Rockin’ Barbie range featured some very memorable outfits, but this leather mini skirt and gold chain combo came straight to mind when we first heard about the live-action Barbie film. Just look at those huge gold earrings! You can’t tell us this look still wouldn’t turn heads today.

Source: BarbiesGuide

And finally, the 2010’s. An ear where Barbie decided that bold is better. The Barbie Extra collection was ‘IT’! Vibrant colours, crazy outfits and unique hairstyles. This range pushed the doll into the new generation and made a true statement. She might be from the 1950’s but this girl’s still got it. Barbie’s wardrobe is vast and diverse. She has donned outfits representing various professions, occasions, and cultural influences. From glamorous evening gowns to casual streetwear, Barbie has demonstrated versatility in her fashion choices; inspiring creativity and imagination in young minds around the world.

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